Life Sciences in Italy

A dynamic and diverse ecosystem, a target for innovation and investment that can make a difference for economic and social development and people's well-being.

Mapping the Life Sciences in Italy

In Italy, the Life Sciences sector - which includes the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industries, as well as health services, innovation hubs, science parks, research centres, IRCCSs and universities - represents one of the most specialised, high-technology value areas and can contribute significantly to national economic development.

The Italian Life Sciences sector is highly diversified and dynamic. For this reason, ALISEI has launched a project to map the Life Sciences sector in Italy, providing a complete picture of the Italian Life Sciences ecosystem, from the public to the private sector, from the industrial side to the Universities, services, research and innovation side. The mapping is also intended to represent Italy's positioning in the international context.

The Life Sciences sector is at the top in Italy in terms of competitiveness, productivity and R&D investment, and represents an active and dynamic ecosystem capable of responding promptly to the economic and technological challenges of the market.

The mapping activity is carried out with the support and collaboration of Assolombarda Servizi

The numbers of Life Science in Italy

1.8 Million
€252 Billion
€6.1 Billion
R&D investments