ALISEI's governance system is based on a Steering Committee composed of a President, a Vice-President and three Commissioners.

Massimiliano Boggetti

A graduate in Biological Sciences from the University of Milan, he is CEO of Diesse Diagnostica Senese, President of Confindustria Dispositivi Medici, Confindustria Dispositivi Medici Servizi and of the pharmaceutical, medical device and chemical section for Confindustria Toscana Sud. A member of the General Council of Confindustria and of the Luiss Business School Technical-Scientific Committee, he has published articles and books on resource management and innovation.

Davide Ederle

A graduate in Biotechnology, he holds a Master's degree in Scientific Communication and one in Business Management. He plays an active role in the National Association of Italian Biotechnologists, of which he was chairman for two terms. He is currently Technology Transfer Manager for Life Sciences at Fondazione Hub Innovazione Trentino and holds courses on technology transfer at several Italian universities, including the University of Bari and Milano-Bicocca.

Silva Bortolussi
Commissioner for National Research Organisations

She holds a degree in Nuclear Physics, a PhD in Physics and a Master's degree in Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. She carries out important writing, dissemination and research activities in the medical application of nuclear physics. She is Associate Professor at the Physics Department of the University of Pavia, member of the National Scientific Commission of INFN, and Secretary General of the International Society of Neutron Capture Therapy.

Vera Codazzi
Commissioner for Regional Representatives

A graduate in Biotechnology, she earned a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Milan-Bicocca. Referent of the Innovation Area in Assobiomedica until 2018, she is currently Cluster Manager of the Lombardy Life Sciences Cluster, and has been collaborating in the activities of the Cluster ALISEI since 2012.

Nicoletta Amodio
Commissioner for Business Associations

She holds a degree in Political Science, she was then awarded a master's degree in Economic Development. She has focused on Research and Innovation since 1997, becoming responsible for these issues in Confindustria since 2002. Since 2018, she has held the position of Director of the Giuseppina Mai Foundation of Confindustria. She holds expert positions in the Board of Directors of the National Research Council and in the European Commission.

Margherita Fotia
Technical Administrative Office Co-ordinator
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