Within the areas included in the Action Plan, ALISEI has identified some projects on which its efforts will be focused through Work Groups. Each Work Group has a representative in the Steering Committee and a Coordinating Member.


The Cluster intends to set up a Database to favour interaction and cooperation between its members, strategic external stakeholders in the life science industry and public institutions to boost research and innovation in our Country.

A Database Work Group has been set up to:

  • Map life science entities in Italy, with the involvement of all ALISEI Members, based on classification criteria that form the frame of the database
  • Enable information sharing based on a number of agreed rules
  • Encourage cooperation between research centres, businesses, associations, universities, and other national and international stakeholders to develop research and technological transfer projects
  • The Database will be the main database for the Cluster to update analyses of the life science sector in Italy, which are of paramount importance to plan future activities.


This group is coordinated by Francesco Maria Senatore from Toscana Life Sciences and it meets every two months. Meetings are attended by many Cluster members.

After the success of the 2019 edition of Meet In Italy for Life Sciences, activities are now focused on planning 2020 internationalization events.

The first is JP Morgan in San Francisco, followed by BIO USA, which will be held in San Diego in June next year. All activities are planned and carried out in cooperation with ICE/Invitalia, which has had a representative in the Work Group for one year.