Action Plan

ALISEI’s three-year Action Plan was submitted to MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) in July 2019.

The action plan includes all key actions, agreed by all Members, to ensure growth and competitiveness of Italy’s life science ecosystem.

As a result of a participative and inclusive process among all members of the Cluster, it was agreed that the Action Plan should be based on the following three key points:

  1. Identification of the main technological and life science development roadmaps based on “technological priorities and innovation needs to define industrial research policies”.
  2. Proposal of a work plan for the Cluster, which includes all the actions that the Cluster is going to carry out, not only to develop and implement the technological and development roadmaps, but also to “create, coordinate, facilitate and support the development of a true industrial research community and to develop tools that can generate knowledge through projects”;
  3. Proposal of a work plan for Southern Italy, “to help southern regions improve competitiveness in the research and innovation areas, favouring integration of European, national and regional resources and taking into consideration the results of national and regional projects”.
The ALISEI Cluster’s Action Plan, in line with national and EU objectives with regard to public health, operates to achieve these objectives at national level through better synergy between research and industry and a greater impact on technological, economic, and local growth trajectories.