About us

ALISEI Life Science Cluster is a major player at national level in guiding and boosting research and development, innovation, and technological transfer in the life science sector.

ALISEI acts as a facilitator and accelerator in the process of transferring knowledge and technologies from multidisciplinary research to the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry and to help attract public and/or private funds to develop innovative projects.

The Cluster encourages and promotes cooperation and innovation by networking best practices at national level: businesses, universities, public research bodies, advanced manufacturing facilities and high value-added services.

In line with its Strategic Development Plan ALISEI has developed a three-year Action Plan focused on supporting and encouraging technological transfer and enhancing research in the life science sector to boost growth in this field.

This strategic priority is accompanied by two specific targets in the next three years:

  1. Monitoring of orientation activities and analysis of opportunities provided by international and European credit lines.
  2. International positioning, to give ALISEI and the national innovation system high visibility on international markets.